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CFA Franc BCEAO Current Exchange Rates

CFA Franc BCEAO exchange rates against currencies in North and South America as of 6/20/2019

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CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Netherlands Antillian Guilder (ANG)0.00308372198196239
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Argentine Peso (ARS)0.0746602567787401
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Barbados Dollar (BBD)0.00344550027300829
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bermudian Dollar (BMD)0.00172266474994164
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)0.0119286217129795
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Brazilian Real (BRL)0.00661440907390802
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bahamian Dollar (BSD)0.00172246805589587
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Belize Dollar (BZD)0.00347143796612868
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Canadian Dollar (CAD)0.00227089374877352
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Chilean Peso (CLP)1.17819733414003
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Colombian Peso (COP)5.53855668348833
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Costa Rican Colon (CRC)1.00752743538867
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Cuban Peso (CUP)0.00172204112308336
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Dominican Peso (DOP)0.0878517792958628
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)0.0132554831514777
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Honduran Lempira (HNL)0.0421626037656389
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Haitian Gourde (HTG)0.15926149162091
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Jamaican Dollar (JMD)0.222855268709225
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro (NIO)0.057539092179216
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Panamanian Balboa (PAB)0.00172249702633672
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Peruvian Neuevo Sol (PEN)0.00573839478446678
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Paraguay Guarani (PYG)10.6873648776708
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)0.0116660641323223
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)US Dollar (USD)0.0017228339983066

CFA Franc BCEAO exchange rates against currencies in Asia and Pacific as of 6/20/2019

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CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Australian Dollar (AUD)0.00248661679989766
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)0.145546823932451
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Brunei Dollar (BND)0.00232666032264837
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)0.0118011837932035
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Fiji Dollar (FJD)0.00372567493122189
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)0.013466604476787
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)24.4337612979001
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Indian Rupee (INR)0.119545075642583
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Japanese Yen (JPY)0.185505356558275
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Kampuchean (Cambodian) Riel (KHR)7.02530446027382
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Korean Won (KRW)1.99619755340053
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)0.0014126551119334
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT)0.654507366039538
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)0.304447465841182
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Myanmar Kyat (MMK)2.623959560924
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Macau Pataca (MOP)0.0138654161397985
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)0.00713740176924007
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Nepalese Rupee (NPR)0.191689935775582
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)New Zealand Dollar (NZD)0.00261557338067815
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Omani Rial (OMR)0.000663255371843994
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Philippine Peso (PHP)0.0885380890395826
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Pakistan Rupee (PKR)0.270687143787464
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Singapore Dollar (SGD)0.00233540634626477
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Thai Baht (THB)0.0532469079009864
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Taiwan Dollar (TWD)0.053344965219461
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Vietnamese Dong (VND)40.1400858043467
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)CFP Franc (XPF)0.181920035789168

CFA Franc BCEAO exchange rates against currencies in Europe as of 6/20/2019

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CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bulgarian Lev (BGN)0.00298220193342623
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Swiss Franc (CHF)0.00169371870525306
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Czech Koruna (CZK)0.0390460552246742
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Danish Krone (DKK)0.0113841634457381
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Euro (EUR)0.00152476004469987
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)British Pound (GBP)0.00135798941481082
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Hungarian Forint (HUF)0.49326749826063
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Iceland Krona (ISK)0.215740128436638
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Moldovan leu (MDL)0.0313457120469309
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Norwegian Kroner (NOK)0.014746350829904
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Polish Zloty (PLN)0.00648663418216217
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Swedish Krona (SEK)0.0162108676052378
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH)0.0453699975100668

CFA Franc BCEAO exchange rates against currencies in Africa and Middle East as of 6/20/2019

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CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)0.00632798289951115
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Albanian Lek (ALL)0.185690309951697
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Bahraini Dinar (BHD)0.000649390728757539
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Burundi Franc (BIF)3.1845101456771
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Botswana Pula (BWP)0.0183644691875728
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)0.169063106616254
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Djibouti Franc (DJF)0.30625323916212
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Algerian Dinar (DZD)0.205331049039485
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Egyption Pound (EGP)0.028779540891701
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Ethiopian Birr (ETB)0.0495790061278581
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Gambian Dalasi (GMD)0.0854398528667547
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Guiniea Franc (GNF)15.7768751537149
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Croatian Kuna (HRK)0.0112893233709578
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Israeli New Shekel (ILS)0.00616574843075508
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Iraqi Dinar (IQD)2.05043479295055
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Iranian Rial (IRR)72.5363880172767
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Jordanian Dinar (JOD)0.00122158438121197
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Kenyan Schilling (KES)0.175556602218617
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)0.00052298507153183
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Lebanese Pound (LBP)2.6051440219724
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Lesotho Loti (LSL)0.0255053169145139
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Libyan Dinar (LYD)0.00240901413742266
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Moroccan Dirham (MAD)0.0164279934356031
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Mauritius Rupee (MUR)0.0617577372804898
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Malawi Kwacha (MWK)1.33076924601683
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Namibian Dollar (NAD)0.0248075257276574
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Nigerian Naira (NGN)0.621051538566747
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Qatari Rial (QAR)0.00627149053985502
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Saudi Riyal (SAR)0.00646101821341121
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Seychelles Rupee (SCR)0.0235342900999312
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Somali Schilling (SOS)1.00962337054612
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)SYP (SYP)0.887216396537636
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Swaziland Lilangeni (SZL)0.0247473434486931
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Tunisian Dinar (TND)0.00505104820391653
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Turkish Lira (TRY)0.00990517564816406
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)Tanzanian Schilling (TZS)3.96232683871957
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)XAF (XAF)1.00036655231475
CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)South African Rand (ZAR)0.0245789032065551


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