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Sri Lanka Rupee Current Exchange Rates

Sri Lanka Rupee exchange rates against currencies in North and South America as of 9/24/2018

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Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Netherlands Antillian Guilder (ANG)0.0105992399735809
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Argentine Peso (ARS)0.220866921822471
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Barbados Dollar (BBD)0.0118427290419667
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bermudian Dollar (BMD)0.00592106728143195
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)0.040966199832639
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Brazilian Real (BRL)0.0242349633312191
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bahamian Dollar (BSD)0.00592847308042446
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Belize Dollar (BZD)0.0119129279556821
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Canadian Dollar (CAD)0.00766729422836361
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Chilean Peso (CLP)3.96816110988241
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Colombian Peso (COP)17.7788396674746
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Costa Rican Colon (CRC)3.4306401582725
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Cuban Peso (CUP)0.00592641759335715
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Dominican Peso (DOP)0.296986545124239
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)0.0457080271304141
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Honduran Lempira (HNL)0.142491754121428
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Haitian Gourde (HTG)0.412127323317536
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Jamaican Dollar (JMD)0.805069798396015
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro (NIO)0.189768208567451
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Panamanian Balboa (PAB)0.00592890130689681
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Peruvian Neuevo Sol (PEN)0.0195523471596746
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Paraguay Guarani (PYG)34.7487242629593
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)0.0399589456761973
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)US Dollar (USD)0.00592078515575604

Sri Lanka Rupee exchange rates against currencies in Asia and Pacific as of 9/24/2018

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Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Australian Dollar (AUD)0.00816595136052588
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)0.498011316262379
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Brunei Dollar (BND)0.00813449434766246
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)0.0407058280615296
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Fiji Dollar (FJD)0.0125189590973187
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)0.0462514817895433
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)88.0388285537381
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Indian Rupee (INR)0.430423979473342
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Japanese Yen (JPY)0.667889715058105
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Kampuchean (Cambodian) Riel (KHR)24.3016407119441
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Korean Won (KRW)6.62541418316304
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)0.00485551890720635
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT)2.10024932856608
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Myanmar Kyat (MMK)9.50286433130421
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Macau Pataca (MOP)0.047682493749153
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)0.0244552379906405
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Nepalese Rupee (NPR)0.686639485201249
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)New Zealand Dollar (NZD)0.00891423933627919
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Omani Rial (OMR)0.00227993315636664
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Philippine Peso (PHP)0.321086022637563
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Pakistan Rupee (PKR)0.730104472145379
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Singapore Dollar (SGD)0.0080900797055414
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Thai Baht (THB)0.191970652884156
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Taiwan Dollar (TWD)0.181620116769802
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Vietnamese Dong (VND)138.192813755239
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)CFP Franc (XPF)0.60136750345478

Sri Lanka Rupee exchange rates against currencies in Europe as of 9/24/2018

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Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bulgarian Lev (BGN)0.009857294787577
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Swiss Franc (CHF)0.00571095418430162
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Czech Koruna (CZK)0.129051438060064
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Danish Krone (DKK)0.0375829033855585
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Euro (EUR)0.00503795849830548
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)British Pound (GBP)0.00451466574908649
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Hungarian Forint (HUF)1.63109901553253
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Iceland Krona (ISK)0.657153321702367
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Moldovan leu (MDL)0.0996209440025875
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Norwegian Kroner (NOK)0.0481985771797609
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Polish Zloty (PLN)0.0216523597041912
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Swedish Krona (SEK)0.0520828179921619
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH)0.166526745765974

Sri Lanka Rupee exchange rates against currencies in Africa and Middle East as of 9/24/2018

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Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)0.0217503580729003
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Albanian Lek (ALL)0.637019120563889
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Bahraini Dinar (BHD)0.00223265191586005
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Burundi Franc (BIF)10.5015589962573
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Botswana Pula (BWP)0.0628020319094215
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)0.555743751294126
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Djibouti Franc (DJF)1.05264112455294
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Algerian Dinar (DZD)0.696204553206132
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Egyption Pound (EGP)0.106071193406723
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Ethiopian Birr (ETB)0.164323646514665
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Gambian Dalasi (GMD)0.288874071693172
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Guiniea Franc (GNF)53.6259950597779
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Croatian Kuna (HRK)0.0374111946460607
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Israeli New Shekel (ILS)0.0211801367402696
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Iraqi Dinar (IQD)7.06063334191466
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Iranian Rial (IRR)248.697309881301
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Jordanian Dinar (JOD)0.00420120900928042
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Kenyan Schilling (KES)0.59794924861368
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)0.00179210259701723
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Lebanese Pound (LBP)8.96941505775264
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Lesotho Loti (LSL)0.0879912198459291
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Libyan Dinar (LYD)0.00816469187090131
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Moroccan Dirham (MAD)0.0553997091082763
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Mauritius Rupee (MUR)0.202336957808609
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Malawi Kwacha (MWK)4.30605194840526
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Namibian Dollar (NAD)0.0879911694663442
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Nigerian Naira (NGN)2.14649476480543
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Qatari Rial (QAR)0.0215596914955734
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Saudi Riyal (SAR)0.0222065955945068
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Seychelles Rupee (SCR)0.0804717141301133
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Somali Schilling (SOS)3.42908796325918
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)SYP (SYP)3.0495024764085
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Swaziland Lilangeni (SZL)0.0843499849616939
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Tunisian Dinar (TND)0.0164232056429166
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Turkish Lira (TRY)0.0364270385922735
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)Tanzanian Schilling (TZS)13.5243995887011
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)XAF (XAF)3.30518743472695
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)3.30566855976354
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)South African Rand (ZAR)0.0850936380156287


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